Comments: Conflict Resolution Professionals and Divorce

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Anita Vestal, Poinciana FL     05/20/07
Choosing Love
I appreciate the words and attitude you share in your article. Seeing the good in people should be as easy if not easier than seeing the negative. It can become a habit and one that will reap healthy rewards for all concerned. I do not see positivism as denial of the truth; like you I see it as a choice one can make. Thank you for writing about the seeds of love; as a mediator, this is something I want to project.

Lester , Baltimore MD   04/26/07
Thank you for your well spoken words about seeds of love. As mediators, we need to practice what we preach, and so often, we do not. When you spoke of planting seeds of love it reminded me of Romans chapter 12 in the Bible which instructs us, as much as possible, to live at peace with all men. We are also to overcome evil with good, because it demonstrates God's love to people, and may transform their lives. Once again, thank you for your well spoken words.