Comments: What Are the Sources of Workplace Conflict?

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Bediako , Accra Gh     01/18/14
Workplace politics as a source of interpersonal conflict
We may have to begin looking specifically also at workplace politics as a source of interpersonal conflict in organisations. Especially in a supposed to be politically neutral environment such as the civil service. We have looked at it clothed in power and scarce resources but it is about time it is discussed as a stand alone phenomenon in organisations. Such conflicts manifest in unproductive outcomes in the service. If we should research more it may uncover very interesting results which may even inform reforms. Let us set it rolling

Henrik , Jönköping     09/23/13
@ Nancy, East Elmhurst This is something that your company should have a plan for. If they don't, then it's a good idea to suggest that they develop a system for dealing with exactly that. If you're uncomfortable taking your specific problem up with them, you can suggest it as a generic approach. "Generic" in this case meaning that it's not to resolve a specific case, but rather to make a general improvement of workplace ambience. Good thing for management is that a generic intervention like that will save them money in the long run as it prevents conflicts from escalating if you have someone to talk to as you wish.

Henrik Josefsson, Jönköping     09/23/13
There are indeed a great variety of sources for conflicts. It is however, easier to deal with them if you learn to handle them as clusters. With clients I've seen a great importance of learning to speak about sources of workplace conflict. Sometimes the problem and the solution are obvious, but hidden as there's no terminology to understand ones own thoughts. Finding the right words to talk about ones situation also work magics when it comes to prevention of workplace conflict.

Blaine Donais, Toronto ON     06/05/12
Who to speak to
This will depend entirely on the workplace. You might wish to speak to human resources or if you are unionized to your union representative. Also determine if there is an open door policy that may permit you to speak to another manager. But care must be taken in all cases not to get on the wrong side of a person in a position of power over you.

Nancy , East Elmhurst ny   12/11/11
who can you speak to when management are very close friends with supervisors that they can not set aside friendship over business.