Comments: Where Settlements Cannot Go – Towards a Praxis of Reconciliation in Group Conflicts (Part 1 of 6)

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Wm. , Oakland CA     11/11/06
Outstanding !
This is one of the most intriguing, insightful, and provocative articles that I have read on MEDIATE.COM. You have addressed one of the central questions that I often face in mediation...Do I challenge the parties to work towards simply "resolving" the peripheral issues at hand or, on the other hand, should I go further to ascertain whether they truly want to be reconciled with one another? I am waiting with great anticipation to read the next installments.

Bonita  Para, Richland WA     10/28/06
your article
Hi Darrell, It's Saturday morning and I am sitting at my home computor. It was a busy week, so I decided to wait until a time when I could thoughtfully read your article. I will tell you that I am touched by the wisdom. Excellent distinction between settling the dispute, but not dealing with the underlying conflict.Liked the myth busting, also. Thanks and let me know when the next installment will be published. Bonnie