Comments: Reel Negotiation: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Reflections Of Negotiation And Mediation In Film

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Cookie , Chesterton IN   11/04/06
Health Care
Need to come up with a different term, other than health care. For the health care junkies (?) and other close to the borderline negotiators, you may be interested in an British movie called "The Theory of Flight." It is an excellent training film for those with significant marble loss, who enter the field of health care and eldercare, as the issues are the same for Jane as they are for elders. It is especially interesting to note that Jane's age is irrelevant to the issues at hand that are universal. Another important point is to note that losing her voice is the biggest fear while it is the last that is taken into consideration in an aging population. The crux of this particular aging population is that they are Boomer's who question everything. Be well and thanks for all you have taught me. I have become rather good at training families in hallways and multi-sib "conversations." I suspect that I will be Jane.

Deborah , Calgary AB     10/24/06
Conflict Cinema and Conversation in Calgary
Hi Robert and Peter Good list. At the local MAWQ (Mediators Asking Wicked Questions) group's next meeting of the Conflict Cinema and Conversation we'll watch a feature length (100 minutes) movie starring the brilliant actress Gong Li, titled The Story of Qiuju (Mandarin with English subtitles). The Story of Qiuju In a village in China, the chief is usually the final authority. But, when the chief and Quiju each feel like a victim of the other's insult, Qiuju escalates the conflict in search of an apology that the chief refuses to give her. The film deals with issues of ethics in mediation, whether lying in mediation is justifiable, impartiality, the uncertainty of the court's resolution, power imbalances, the meaningfulness of sincere apology, how only grudgingly giving an injured party what she wants makes the party more resolved to fight it out, how a high-context village copes when two familiar people are at odds with each other, the healing of true reconciliation and much more with a stunning surprise ending. Conflict Cinema starts 6:30 pm on Wednesday 15th Nov and conversation follows. best wishes - sorry to be missing ACR - have fun. Deborah

Victoria , Los Angeles CA     10/09/06
Thanks for the great list. I'd add Glengary Glen Ross ("always be closing"), the Boiler Room and Tin Men -- this last a dead-on tale of 1950's cold call sales "techniques" which I recall my father and his cronies using to sell life insurance door to door, living on the draw off future sales. If THAT wasn't a terrifyingly "manly" way to make a living, I don't know what would have been. The sad sad end of mid-20th century sales careers being, of course, Death of a Salesman. All Willie had in that sales bag was chutzpah. And that, friends, is all the pathos any of us could possibly take without openly weeping.