Comments: Book Review: How to Make Money as a Mediator by Jeff Krivis

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Dina , Boston MA     09/07/06
Mediators Are Natural Marketers
Charles, thanks for bringing such an important book to our attention. Although Jeff takes a 'grin and bear it' approach to marketing, I believe that mediators can embrace and enjoy marketing if they bring a coaching perspective to it. We're good communicators, right? Marketing is simply a form of communication. Mediators can use the same questioning and reframing skills to attract clients as we use to uncover hidden interests. We can help potential clients discover the benefits of mediation and draw them in easily instead of bashing them over the head with buy messages. It really comes down to examining our own attitudes and negative predictions. I'm delving into all of that at my teleseminar, 3 Sentences That Keep Mediators Poor, on Oct. 17th. I hope you'll stop by and join the call Charles. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Dina Beach Lynch
Mediator's Business Mensch (Coach)