Comments: Mindfulness in Conflict Coaching

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Dina , Boston MA   09/25/06
Coaching Expands Practice Options
Conflict coaching enables mediators to serve clients who want a problem-solving process but not necessarily mediation. It is possible, and very productive, for a neutral/mediator to support a manager who wants to improve his communication style and create a more collaborative atmosphere by asking the types of questions you suggest, Cinnie. Or, to work with a divorcing mother to articulate all her interests and needs before the mediation process. I encourage my coaching clients to explore unique and market-mindful ways to apply their conflict management skills. I strongly believe that ADR will become a more popular choice for consumers if we, as practitioners, begin to intervene earlier in the process to promote understanding and solutions in a variety of ways. I hope you will consider joining me on Oct. 17th to discuss growing practices at my free telseminar, Three Sentences that Keep Mediators Poor. Drop by to sign up. Thanks for your leadership, Cinnie. Dina Beach Lynch, JD Mediator, Ombuds Mediation Business Mensch