Comments: ADR Processes: Applications For Managing Organizational Change

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myra Isenhart, Englewood CO   05/22/09
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts; we're happy the article was useful to you.

Farheen , Hyderabad   05/21/09
This article is really informative and its like a ready made solution to the problem. One need not just look into the books and waste much time but infact this single article is very powerful and it is equivalent to several books. Thanks for such an informative,self-explanatory article.

Jessica Carter, Auckland NZ     05/16/06
Thank you - this is a great article. It beautifully draws together a whole lot of thinking, searching and quotes from great texts (and researchers). You've listed some texts I didn't know about and would like to buy - thanks for that. I was impressed that you included the pivotal and essential role of the (Internal) Organisational Ombud.