Comments: Mediation and Culture: How different cultural backgrounds can affect the way people negotiate and resolve disputes

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Jim , Eugene     06/08/13
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Sarah , Boise ID   06/08/13
this article
I would like to have permission to copy and distribute this article to the luncheon members of the Idaho Mediation Association. Thank your for your article.

Gabriel , Salem OR   05/20/07
Thanks for sharing your article. It would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison showing the differences in culural behaviors and perspectives regarding mediation and conflict in general. Also, since San Diego California is a close neighbor to Mexico, I'm curious what mediation professionals from Mexico have to say regarding their culture and mediation.

John , Westminster CA   05/24/06
I would like to have permission to reprint this article to distribute to my law students. The distribution will be with full credit to the author and as the author and source of the information. Thank you for your anticipated authorization.