Comments: EQ vs IQ: Do Attorneys & Mediators need Emotional Intelligence?

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Greg Thompson, Coral Gables FL     03/22/06
Is it Emotional Intelligence, or Emotional Competency?
An interesting series of analogies, but David misses two of the critical points in a discussion of emotional intelligence: what is it, and how do I know if I have it? It is not Daniel Goleman’s focus on the Amygdala, and it is not the “lizard brain”, but David starts to get close when he speaks to intuition (but no, it’s not intuition, either). If you want to know what EI is, and if you’ve got it, read about Jack Mayer’s original theory of EI, the ABILITY model. You may find that not everyone has a strong EI ability, and that it’s OK to not have EI. There are other social skills that make up for low EI.

Dorothea Polly, North Tonawanda NY   03/13/06
EQ vs IQ: Do Attorneys & Mediators need Emotional Intelligence?
Yes, Legal Perfessionals today are dealing with many different nationallities and cultures in many different situations and problems that were not considered problems years ago. The need to deal with people's emotional needs as well as their legal needs are becoming more evident as to avoid risk of further conflict, so that the parties at hand can come to a more agreeable and lasting resolution that both parties are happy and will more willingly abide to the contract made, and without the parties feeling slighted or cheated by the legal system. As Professionals in general and as people the need to look at the whole picture is becoming a reality that cannot be overlooked anymore. As Professional weather it be Legal, Medical or General Business there is a need to have emotional intelligence as well as business intelligence. Emotional intellgence is a good thing to have when dealing with our own families, also to keep an all around balance in our own lives so that we as Professionals can have a better understanding of the world and ourselves.