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Laura Steiger, Ludington Mi   03/31/14
Parents...Are they to Blame?
Yes 100% and why should they not be? Parents are responsible for teaching and nurturing the child, and with work and or more important factors like socializing, drugs, drinking it is no wonder our kids today are narcissistic and combative. Yes wake up and stop blaming or excusing your self from your obligations raising your children. Your only concern should be, teaching and encouraging your child to become independent, hard working and considerate among others. The child can not learn those things with out the parent being an example of that. Fact, children raised with one parent or in an abusive or neglected environment are more likely to commit crimes or be a victim of a crime.

Eric , Bayview Id   12/06/00
Parents are more responsible than they want to be
In response to Chad, and all the others who agree that parents have minimal responsibility. WAKE UP! I work with adjudicated & at-risk youth. I have yet to work with a kid who comes from healthy, functioning family system. A majority of the kids I work with have too many siblings, the the amount of time working parents can spend developing responsibility, parent-child relationship, respect, etc. become more limited as the number of children and finacial demands increase. People think they are in love so they have, children, never stopping to think of the seriousnes of the role they are taking on. To some degree every parent, deadbeat father, self-centered teen, etc is to blame. I could go on and on... America (the american family)has lost it's way and a major source of the problem is the family, too many unprepared teens and adults having babies and ill-prepared to meet the developmental needs of the child, and many don’t just have one, they have two, four, and more. It is - insanity at best. Most of these people are maladjusted, dysfunctional, clueless, and lost. Then, by the time their ego is broken down enough to seek help, it has been years too late and the damage is much more ingrained and complex. Hey Chad what do you do for a living??? You must be a correctional officer or something… trying to increase your job security??? Don’t worry there will be plenty of people to lock up, because these families are out populating the functioning families, and since they often have children at young ages than those who are college or career-oriented, they also have statistically more children per couple, so don’t you worry, I just hope we can find someone to take responsibility for the problems that will rise in the coming century. I think people like you are to blame! In contrast, I see the result of interactive parents, checking home, demanding respect, spending time in the parent-child relationship, and actively developing their child for being adults. You know what the results are obvious even if one does not have a degree in behavioral sciences. Get a clue people, Being a parent is more responsibility than most America's can handle and that fact is reflected in the types of behavior, values, and problems our country sees daily. It is true that most of the parents are acting out the modeling their parents showed. But someone is gonna have to take the blame and make the changes, it isn't going to be the government, laws, media, schools, it is the family unit, that change will occur. While other factors go into raising kids, parents have more influence than they give themselves credit. Many times parents unconsciously teach inappropriate behaviors.

chad , kingsport tn   09/02/00
parental punishment
with today's technology and access to technology teenagers are committing more crimes, but we still want to put the blame on the parents. however, the parents shouldn't be blamed because they can't stop the advancements the world is making. even if they stop their kids in their home from these advancements, the availability is astounding and can easily be accessed anywhere. how are we going to be able to cease or at least control the teenage crime and death rate? how are we going to punish them now and what age is going to be the limit in which we try them as adults, and what age should we try their parents or should we not even blame the parents?

wendy , long beach ca   09/01/00
I agree that if our justice system is bent on retribution, the criminals will feel like victims, which, will tip the scales of justice the other way instead of finding a balance. If we do not find a balance, there will always be conflict and no resolution.