Comments: How to Leverage Technology to Build Your Practice

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Kristina , Bloomfield NJ     03/21/06
Timely Topic
Great comprehensive list. Technology can help us systemize our practices so that our time is better spent focusing on what we enjoy. Tammy I think your mediationtech site is very informative and useful. Thank you. Kristina Haymes p.s. I want to know how to put links into blogs :)

Dina , Boston MA     02/16/06
Another technology gem: blog commenting
Tammy, I couldn't agree more with your approach. Using similar techniques I've been able to position as an expert resource for workplace conflicts. One technique that I find very effective is blog commenting. I read numerous blogs on a regular basis which helps build my knowledge and challenge my perspective. Commenting about relevant posts allows me to share valuable information and educate my market. It's a way for others to 'sample' me and my work that turns into a win/win for everyone.