Comments: Commercial Dispute Resolution In Germany

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Pearl Digwo, Aberdeen     08/29/07
Hello Nicola, Micheal, I just read through your study and I think it is an interesting analysis.It is interesting to note that Germany has incorporated ADR techniques in its commercial sector albeit in little doses. The general tendency was to consider ADR child's play, meant for family disputes not serious commercial matters involving large sums of money. I am currently researching on ADR techniques and it's efficacy in resolving international contractual disputes as part of my masters program at the university of Aberdeen,so your article definetly comes in handy,Thank you.

André Racine, Montréal area QC     11/06/05
Commercial Dispute Resolution in Germany
Dear Nicola Neuvians and Michael Hammers, I have read the 3 pages summary and it is a very interesting analysis. Is the study available either in french or in englis? I am an engineer specialysed in heavy construction and I have been involved in Commercial Dispute Resolution for over 25 years. Also, I am completing a master degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution through a law department. Therefore, yours study will be very heplfull to me in both for my work and my master degree. I wish to tank you for the time you will allow to the above and for your wonderfull study. André Racine