Comments: Some Radical Thinking on Centrism, Politics, And the Future of Conflict Management

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Chris Reding     09/13/05
Missing the point
While it would be nice to have the Republicans and Democrats holding hands as they walked in the capital building, and each tried their hardest to say something nicer about the other side, that is not the way our government was set up, nor do I think we want to encourage it. Our government was set up as an adversarial system, so that only the things that the various sides could agree on would get through, so as to limit the amount that they could do, or to more accurately reflect the ideas of the founding fathers, to limit the damage that they could do. They felt that a bigger government was a dangerous thing (and have been proven mostly right), and set it up to be somewhat self limiting. And for the most part, it has worked. Currently, we are hearing the shrill tantrums of the Democrats, as they are grasping to get their power back. This is a similar reaction to taking crack away from an addict. They will continue to get shriller and shriller until some other group becomes big enough to crowd them out. Then the new group will work and scramble and work with the Republicans until the Republicans are out of power and getting shrill and talking crazy. Then the cycle continues. This is politics, for better or worse. Heaven help us all if the two sides figured out how to work together. We would be flooded with laws, and they would take everything we have! Let these fights continue. It is our only protection. CR