Comments: Marketing a Dispute Resolution Practice in a New Area Requires Innovative Approaches to Reach a Skeptical Audience

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Leo , Honolulu HI   05/28/07
Marketing Voluntary Mediation
We've now added an office to our practice. We are advertising in a local monthly paper and finding it takes time to get the message out this way. If you want to see our advert it's at . The volunteer work we've done at the Mediation Center of the Pacific and small claims court has generated some referals. We're focusing on voluntary mediation which brings a whole set of challenges. We continue to be active in the community and in professional organizations. The local ACR chapter is an excellent place to network and we take advantage of every offering of training where we listn carefully to what others are doing and where we hopefully make a contribution to the knowledge of others. Part of the knowledge transfer to the public needed is convincing potential clients of the value of mediation and reaching them when most receptive, they are in a dispute.

Leo , Honolulu Hi     03/03/06
Progress Report
Our volunteer work with the industry society continues. We ran a series of vignettes on our niche, pre-litigation conflict management, on their internet web page which developed a readership. An article we wrote for continues to generate "views" and a few downloads through our web page. We expanded access to our site through a search engines advertising program. We started to market and offer local mediation services. We've started a blog. Patience is a virtue.

Leo , Honolulu Hi   08/20/05
Progress Report
Our efforts to educate our client base through participation in professional organizations led us to volunteer participation in a very large conference where we were able to get updated on developments in the industry. In another organization we helped create interest in a large topic area of which we are a subset and we are now part of the larger team. These steps are consistent with our business plan of remaining up to date with the industries issues while we continue to educate our client base on conflict management. We voluntarily give a lot for access. We are careful to ensure what we give is of value and highly encourage dialogue and interaction. Isn't that what mediation is about? We are applying those same principles as part of our marketing effort.