Comments: ElderCare Mediation

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Karen  , Scottsdale AZ   06/22/05
Family Caregiving
I have provided comments to the party privately. Karen Rice

claire , brisbane,australia     05/23/05
My sister and I are caring for our elderly father,and also both holding down fulltime jobs.My mother died when Dad was 78;he was very spry then, but could't face living alone,so he asked by sister to move in with him.I lived next door with my husband(we are now divorced,and I still live next door.)Dad is now 92 and becoming rapidly frail.We are trying to convince him to go into residential care,as we find we are not having any life of our own-she is 46,I am 54.But as he is a self-funded retiree,not on an Australian pension, the cost is going to be heavy;he worries about not being able to leave us an inheritance.It is an agonizing situation-we sympathise with him, but we have lost so much of our lives!We don't want his money,we want him to be cared for,and we want our lives back.