Comments: Mediating Evil, War, and Terrorism: The Politics of Conflict

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Kenneth Cloke, Santa Monica CA     12/01/10
Beautifully expressed Pat - thank you for your comment. I would be interested in reading more. Ken

pat , Boston MA   12/01/10
Hazards of Entrenched Interests Outcomes
Among the most hazardous practices of Entrenched Interests is the outcome of expendability. Because of the hierarchies build, those who are no longer useful to the hierarchy are expendable, and will be dispensed with, sometimes in not so benevolent a manner. Bully hierarchies develop mostly by accident, and are driven by mission alone, much more than ideals, and in focusing upon the near term objective, justification is easily accomplished even for the membership of entrenched interests. It is the road to hell (in so many words) that defies the traditional manner of attitudes expressing care and healthy rhetoric associated with care that most such groups profess. When the transition occurs within health care networks, there is no sense of loss in getting rid of the now expendable - because it has outlived its usefulness, and is considered disposable. Though people don't view it as such, entrenched interests (while effective among humans) inevitably produces an array of costs, some of them human, in order to prevail within the power networks created. Transitions of power are always difficult by these conflicts. For societies with economic or political entrenched interests, those so heavily endowed in years past become the expendables of tomorrow, and that is exactly the problem with relying upon entrenched interests to wield their power during years of toleration for goal seeking. Entrenched interests (vested?) are always a harbinger of bad vibrations because it is always those who are entrenched who feel confident enough in their position to bully those who don't. These attitudes are devastating to societies and sometimes defy the rhetoric of ideals by which societies claim are their cherished ideals.