Comments: Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation: differences and similarities from an International and Italian business perspective

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eugene , kigali   03/02/14
congratulation to all who managed to held during preparation of this article. it is very much needed, in all society and it will help in fighting against corruption ,as long as people in disputes sit and setlle the issue peacefull.

Kungwengwe , Gweru Zm   11/12/13
Well articulated differences between conciliation, arbitration and mediation.

Tapiwa , Harare   10/14/13
Great piece, differences well highlighted. im studying my MBA, ur ref should give me thumbs up!!!

HUNDEYIN , 8.000000     04/09/13

Ubah Chetachukwu, New layout, Enugu NG     01/13/13
Thank You
This has helped me clear some issues troubling me on the ADR methods. i am a law student of unec in nigeria.

haichen ndang, Peren Na     11/30/11
Hi, thankx for your ADR's difference. it hugs mehh... i am a student of KLE Society's Law college, bangalore, India. it is quite helpful for my studies coz it clear my doubts in many ways. Thank u.

Puneet  Singh, gandhinagar GJ     10/19/11
Thanks You so much, the author did such a wonderful work as it was very much required before my xamz...these differences are essential 4 a law student. Also, I would like to express my gratitude towards the viewers who commented n appreciated the work!! @Author: Conitnue such article writings. -Puneet Singh Parihar, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

VIPIN , Delhi UP   03/24/11

Ngati , Yaounde   02/15/11
Not all works in an art gallery call for attration.I believe this is one of such work that call for attration

Bello Williams , Abuja     12/01/10
I'm a student of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja. I was looking 4 d distinctions between mediation and conciliation and stumbled on this. Your write-up has been most helpful. thank you.

DR.RAVINDRA , Manipal     06/18/10
hi' thnx for this explain easily difference between ADR.this article is very usefull for my PGDLS exam

MR EMEKA , Lagos la   04/26/10
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, London   12/01/09
i'm an access to law student a stratford college,and i just want to say tanx , coz this article has been so helpful to me for my assessment.....tanx lot

biju , India up   05/17/09
good and ionformative article

Rachel , Eastleigh   05/04/09
Great article that explains the differences between the forms of dispute resolution clearly. I'm currently revising for my final exams in property law and this has been fantastic for my notes on ADR - thank you! (if only our lecturer had been as clear...!)

Adundo , Kampala ug     01/17/09
thanks so much for the piece of work, I have been wholly enriched by the article. It has beamed me with the right course to include in my company article of association under conflict resolution section. thanks once again. emmanuel from kampala - uganda.

joan , Melbourne   08/20/08
thank you, your information has helped me alot.

andrea lapini, arlington va     02/13/08
Hi, I am an ex-school of law student from the University of Florence-Italy(fuori corsissimo) ,currently living in Arlington , Va and sometimes still interested in legal aspects and matters.Very interesting and sad at the same time to come to know that such a fast and "peaceful" way to settle disputes(mediation) is not taken into consideration in our country(Italy) where a similar legal institute already exists. Buon lavoro andrea

Ombella , Dar es Salaaam   01/22/08
Yeah! Your article is good, I mean very good. I am lecturing both undergrads and masters students in Internationnal trade dispute resolutions. So much so I have recomended it to all of my students. Its a good article

sonia  , hyderabad AP   01/21/08
Hi,i am doing my MBA and i have a subject named Legal Aspects of Business.It helped me during my examination.It is in a simple language.

ravi , raipur     10/27/07
hi, a nice piece of literature on Arbitration and conciliation. it helped me alot as i am a student from Hidayatullah National Law University, raipur India.

manish , Bhopal mp     06/17/07
wanna help!
hi, I read the article, it is stonking. I am 4th yr. law student at national law university, India, I am in search of internship for my summer or winter vacation, If u please then please give me the firm's address in which ur working. hoping for expeditious reply.

zhao , Hong Kong   06/12/07
I am working on my postgraduate dissertation. Your article helps me a lot. Thank you...

Said , Montreal   10/04/04
Hi In fact ièm working in a subject regarding the international commercial conciliation and i find your article very interesting.thank you very much.

Alex  , Maidstone UK   09/02/04
This is an excellent article to highlight the differences between arbitration, mediation and conciliation. In my 6 years in this world I have not seen such a good guide. Thanks