Comments: Sophisticated Awareness Is Necessary For Effective Disabilities Act Mediation

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mary , cleveland oh     07/24/01
Is probable discrimination, the final verdict?
July 23, 2001 For Interested readers: Upon your investigation, The Ohio Civil Rights Commission has determined that it is probable that respondent, XXX Corporation, has engaged in unlawful practices under section 4112, Ohio Revised Code. As you know, I, Mary , has filed a disability, employment discrimination charge against, XXX Corporation. In behalf of myself, I am asking your consideration in regards to this matter, that you may determine the final results of this case to be positive unlawful practices committed by, The XXX Corporation. In brief, I would like to take this time to explain my true reasons why I filed this discrimination charge against, XXX Corporation. At the time, Candy XXX, Employment Specialist, from XXX XX XXX, Employment Services, was assigned to serve me by assisting to find employment for me. Her duties also included, revising my resume, assisting with employment applications and also transporting me to interviews. When Candy XXX discovered the position available at XXX Corporation, she was unsuccessful to set up an interview for employment with XXX for me. She then called me and gave me the contact information and advised me to arrange my own interview with XXX. At that time, I was unaware that Candy XXX was in contact with Mary XXX at XXX. As advised by Candy XXX, I set up my own interview and met with Mary XXX on May 5, 2000. Candy XXX assisted me with the transportation and also helped me with filling out the employment application prior to my interview on the date mentioned. I'm not positive whether or not the resume was required, however, if XXX Corporation had a copy, Candy XXX may have attached my resume along with the application. Candy XXX revised my resume and printed it on quality paper not normally used as a day to day printing paper. According to XXX Corporation, there were misspelled words on my resume. I find that very hard to believe and feel there has been uncertain feelings since I was told by my caseworker that the resume was given to her by XXX Corporation on plain printing paper with the misspelled words. That was suppose to be one of the numerous excuses why XXX Corporation would not hire me. Regardless of their punified excuses, keep in mind, in the beginning that Candy XXX could not set up an interview and instructed me to set up the interview. In my report, I mention in my report that Mary XXX acted uncomfortable during our introduction before the interview. At that point, I was unaware that Mary XXX and Candy XXX had spoke to each other previously. I unknowingly introduced Candy XXX to Mary XXX as just Candy. During the interview, alone with Mary XXX, Candy's first and last name came up in conversation, which made me aware that they had spoke before. After the interview, while Candy XXX was driving me home, I asked her why she did not tell me that she spoke with Mary XXX before. And that is when Candy XXX began to tell me why she had me set up my own interview and the details of XXX Corporation not cooperating in setting up an interview with me knowing my disability. Candy XXX explained to me of XXX Corporation complaints of two previous disabled employees and did not want to give me a chance to try the position available as a verifier. I knew that day that this was discrimination but I was positive in my thinking I could convince XXX Corporation that I was qualified for the position. Mary XXX promised me that she would get back to me regarding the position within two weeks and since I never received that courtesy, I was certain I was unlawfully handled. I even made many attempts for the consideration through correspondence via telephone, email and fax and never was properly responded to as ethically expected. At that point, I was certain of the unlawful practices. If necessary, I have all documentation to prove my case against XXX Corporation a valid complaint. I will close for now and look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you consider my story as the absolute truth. Sincerely yours, Mary Comments from readers welcomed...