Comments: The Joke Model Of Creative Thinking

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r.d.  benjamin, Portland OR     08/04/04
***** (this is a five star article)
The creativity and quality of thought are obvious. What may be more elusive is the importance of drawing the parallels between the 'grammar' of a joke and that of mediation technique. This fits well with my thinking on 'Mediation as Theatre and Negotiation as a Performance Art'. This article contributes mightly to the evolving dialogue in the field on accessing and developing an intuitive sensibility. Jeff Krivis's work on the importance of delivery for a stand-up comedian and the mediator also fits in well. Thank you for a quality contribution. I hope many people take the time to read your article carefully. The field desperately needs the injection of some creative energy to combat the stultifying "Getting to Yes" and "Promise of Mediation" mentalities that continue to dominate the thinking frame of the field.