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Barbara    06/24/04
Substantiating Your Statements
First let me introduce my credentials so you'll know where I'm coming from. I've worked in the field of nonverbal communication for 20 years. Jossey-Bass has published my book I Hear What You Say, But What Are You Telling Me? The Strategic Use of Nonverbal Communication in Mediation. I introduced nonverbal communication into the Canadian court system. I've been invited to the United Nations because of my work. I work in the field of resolving conflict as well as in the courts and with organizations and individuals. I am called on by the media to analyze body language from local people to the president. I train mediators and lawyers and am international guest faculty and have sat on many dispute resolution boards. I have been cited as an international subject expert. I have never found anything that would substantiate what you state as fact. I am indeed very interested in your resources. Would you be good enough to direct me to the citations and research where I can read the origins of your statements? Thank you very much.