Comments: Tough Elder Decisions: The Mediation Option

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Blair , norwood ma     03/08/12
Referral Sources
Referrals come from many sources but mostly from Geriatric Care Managers, Elder and Trust & Estate attorneys and web searches. Therapists also sometimes refer clients.

Helen Hopkinson, Wayne Pa     10/01/08
Elder Mediation
I would also like to know where the majority of clients come from. Are the referred to you by doctors, lawyers, counsellors? Thanks

Patti , Independence OH   01/26/05
Elder mediation network
I am interested in joining an EM network representing Northeast Ohio. Having recently co-authored a book on the topic (TRUCE! Using Elder Mediation to Resolve Conflict among Families, Seniors, and Organizations), I am aware of how much education we must do to promote a service about which too few are aware. Perhaps someone knows of a copmuter expert/intern in a school of business who might donate her/his time to put a national website together. Sorry, I don't know any here... Will also contact other Elder Mediators in Ohio and New York to learn of their interest. My husband, John Bertschler, is speaking on a panel next month (Feb, 2005) at the law school in Atlanta, GA on the topic of EM. It's heartening to see others taking an interest in new trends in healthcare and long-term care facilities and that they are open to learning about elder mediation. Keep me posted as to next steps. Patti

Barbara Manousso, Houston TX     11/28/04
Yes, I am very interested in being part of a coordinated elder network. Since I am in the process of setting up an organization in Harris County, coordinating with other elder mediators around the country makes sense. A national network is important because the children and parents might be in different cities. I look forward to hearing from you. Send me your phone number and I will be happy to call you. Barbara

Janet E. , Fort Wayne IN   11/19/04
Network of Eldercare Mediators?
Dear Eldercare Mediator: Are you interested in forming a formal or informal network of Eldercare Mediators? If so, please respond to this email, noting your preference: 1. Informal Network: Share information about Eldercare Mediation books, articles, training seminars, contracts to mediate, evaluations, and "peace stories" by email. 2. Formal Network: The above, plus perhaps have a Web listing of Eldercare Mediators and a Website. Also, if there is a good response, we will need a volunteer to coordinate this Eldercare Mediator Network. Interested? Please forward this email to others who provide Eldercare Mediation. Thanks! Cordially, Janet E. Mitchell, J.D., Eldercare Mediator Family and Civil Mediator, and Mediation Trainer, Midwest Mediation Training Center