Comments: Good Communication Starts With Listening

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shalini , Colombo   08/27/13
thanks for your is so much important to my degree,thank you

Naqibullah , Kabul   06/05/12
I apperciate this topic because that was too much enjoy able and solve my problem and I could catch something from that

abdul samad , Islamabad     11/15/09
appericiation for article
I appericiate your article on good communication starts with listening..almost it covers all the major aspects of a good coomunication system.Excellant effort.

Gwen Davis, Santa Fe NM   09/18/01
I like and agree with your article. Listening is definately a learned experience and not always an easy one. We must first learn to disconnect our egos so we may hear rather than judge what a person is saying based on our beliefs or how we would feel about the same situation. Thanks for the article.