Comments: The Biased Mediator

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Leander , Canton MI   06/26/13
My Unethical Mediator.
I'm in Michigan and involved in a vicious custody battle. I accused my ex of practicing drawing our son's blood. The mediator asked her if it was true. Mom explained how she got the materials and why she did it. 88 days later, mediator Priscilla Wells (PW) submitted her report to the court. In her report, she listed my claim as "Unfounded". I contacted the director of mediation. She said that PW used the word Unfounded because mom was not successful in actually drawing any blood. I filed a grievance, they denied it. On the stand, PW said that mom made absolutely no admission to her. A few days later, Mom took the stand and admitted that she did confess to PW. The judge left custody with mom even though PW also agreed that IF my claim was true that it would be of "GRAVE" concern and would be a custody altering incident. You might think that i am a crackhead for this to happen. No. 20 years on the same job. Suburban home in an upscale community, new wife of 12 years, 4 children, clean driving record, good credit etc...

Wendy , Sacramento CA     10/10/05
I Have A Biased Mediator!
I have a biased mediator who viciously and verbally attacks me when I go into her office. Even at the time of the first visit. The last time that I went into her office she asked me if I were ever tested in school for being retarded just because I didn't want to agree with her recommendation. I know my ex husband mental health because we were married for almost sixteen years. He was always depressed and suicidal the whole time that we were together. I even have a letter stating that he was sick in the head, wanted to die and contemplating suicide in his own handwritting. The mediator still recommends to this day that my children remain with him. My oldest son is now depressed and suicidal by being rasied by him. My ten year old daughter is taking knives to herself. I know for sure that she is going to grow up the same way. The mediator from the beginning chastized me for leaving my ex. I had to do it for my sanity because I couldn't live that way anymore. She the mediator has submitted false statements in her reports to the courts ever since I first stepped into her office. She goes by my ex husbands declarations because if you read the declarations and her reports they coinside with each other. In one report there were twelve false statements submitted against me that weren't true and were never proven by the mediator....but they still ended up in my file. I went to court last month and had a new judge. I lost! Why????? The lies that the MEDIATOR had wrote up in her report. It wasn't the truth because if I didn't know myself I would go by her report. This mediator is leaving my children in a home where they are going to end up depressed and suicidal.