Comments: Communication Assessment: Promising Practice For Meeting Management

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Colm , Brampton ON     10/29/03
Great article which nicely deals with the perceived drawbacks of integrating technology into ADR practice. While face-to-face may be the ideal, research into computer-mediated communications clearly shows that the medium is not without means to express emotions etc. The ability to draw on various tools, which will be the hallmark of the successful mediator of the future! Colm

John  , Berkeley CA     10/27/03
It also occurs to me that by establishing a diverse communication network for a large constituency, that you can create a network that will foster ongoing connections which can serve the community in various ways. Imagine creating a diverse communication network for a watershed population which persists and is used for a wide range of community needs.

Mimi Lyster     10/27/03
John - this is a great (and nearly encyclopedic) analysis of an increasingly complex question - how to convene, participate in, and facilitate dialogue in the multiplicity of available contexts. Thank you for such a thoughtful treatment! The factors you raise for consideration are critical indeed. At the core, for me at least, is the question "what and for whom is THIS dialogue?". Perhaps beginning with these questions allows the component parts of your analysis seem more manageable? Mimi

John    10/27/03
Although your title suggests a clear focus for communication assessments, the relevance of your article is far broader. The Internet continues to promote communication self organization in exciting ways. Your article challenges us to take communication patterns seriously. Any way you could distill your questions into a checklist? Thanks, John