Comments: The Narrative Approach to Mediation

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Ann , Seattle WA   12/13/13
Spurned means rejected with contempt. I think the theraputic community "spawned" (as in gave rise to)actually finds it a very useful approach,especially to help unwind very stuck stories. I find it useful in mediation when people are stuck in "victim posture" to help empower their participation in a resolution.

David  , Carrickfergus   12/15/09
Interesting approach. Potentially useful application here in Ireland where folk memory and stories tend to reinforce division. Arguing objective fact often fails to dislodge slights reinforced by retelling. Working towards a new common story may be a gentler way. Incidentally, when you say Narrative Method was spurned I think you mean spawned. Good luck. David

Kim    06/07/06

Annie , Sydney Au   05/10/06
This is a very interesting approach. I am wondering if their are particular diputes or disputants where it works better. I would love to be able to experience this in action.

Juan Enrique  Casas   05/07/04
It´s a very interesting approach from narrative therapy to dispute resolution. Creative, syntetic and stimulating for working with internally displaced victims of Colombia´s violence.

Lisa Marie , Quadra Island BC   09/05/03
Brilliant overview of both the strengths and the criticisms of narrative therapy. I truly welcomed the opportunity to contemplate the marriage of a narrative perspective with the realm of mediation. It would seem to hold endless "meaning making" possibilities for all parties (participants, facilitators, witnesses) engaged in mediation.

Bonita  Para     09/03/03
Good job, Toran. Very thoughtful and interesting. Bonita