Comments: The Creative Solution: Sibling Non-Rivalry

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vonnie , edwood ky   02/24/05
Doesn't always work
This new law is great if everyone follows the rules about being honest. For instance, my case my spouse was assigned to get the latest sale price from sales on homes in Fl. They were over a year old yet when I mentioned that both lawyers said that it was okay because if the price was off it would be fixed because miscalculations and mistakes can be fixed. The divorce was final and within three months he listed, sold, and closed on the Fl. properties. They sold for twice the price. Once the divorce is final the first contract with honestly is terminated. This lesson cost me 50,000. Let your clients know that. This system can be manipulated very easily. The court refuses to hear the case because we estimated the cost by past sales. It will ultimately cost me a whole lot more money going the open and honest way which was the best thing for my children so they said.