Comments: When You Can't Get Through To Them: Cultural Diversity In Mediation

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Angeles , Miami FL   05/10/13
Cross-Cultural Mediation
Dear Josefina: I love your article! Thank you very much! Would you please send me your email address? I have some questions. Warm regards! angeles

Márcia  , Rio De Janeiro RJ   03/31/13
Josefina, thanks very much, because your article eased my heart. Im making a mediation with brothers of culture differents, with visions differents and I think that they don't understand the cultures differents. And I understand that mediation is benefic when people really change or think about it.

Lorraine , Columbus Oh   08/13/01
Cultural Diversity In Conflict Resolution-Mediation
Have you heard of Conflict-free Conflict Resolution? How about a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution where you have to know nothing about the conflict itself? Imagine the principle of "WorldView" applied to every individual and culture on earth? This model is far broader than mediation or negotiation, which are processes of resolving conflict once they appear. Imagine a model of ADR that asserts that conflict is not inevitable. How about a new mindset or level of awareness where conflict becomes the absence of the consciousness of unity, in the context of diverstiy? Do you want families, organizations, individuals, world orders to become more collaborative and consultative instead of narrow self-interest and competition? Do you want to hear more about this new ADR Model? Contact me.

Linda , Los Angeles CA   07/26/00
Good article. I did my undergrad in Anthropology and have found the cross-cultural training to be invaluable. I was also thinking while reading your article that parties from two cultures might have, for example, expressive or stoic cultural