Comments: Legislative Initiative For Court Annexed Mediation In India

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Dr Sudipta Mondal, New Delhi De     08/26/10
Mediation in India
I have really enjoyed reading this article. Albeit I do not hail from this field but I strongly believe that the success of mediation in India largely depends on the involvement of the third sector meaning non-profit development NGOs or societies. It requires tremendous efforts to make people aware of such opportunities and build their faith and confidence. There are many bottlenecks and barriers. In some provinces, it is relatively successful but in other states it is still grappling to receive the blessing of the local courts. I am really keen to know about the work of societies/institutes in India that are engaged in making this popular and people friendly and acceptable in India. I really appreciate response to my queries. Thanks in advance.

Himanshu Trivedi, Auckland     06/30/06
Mediation in India and elsewhere
I was very much part of the efforts of Mr Niranjan Bhatt, author of the articles and those involved with AMLEAD. I was trained in Mediation and have myself contributed to training after that. I personally believe that mediation can be an answer to many issues facing the case clogged Indian Judicial System, but there are many issues and challenges and a long term planning, patience and PERSEVERANCE is required. It is not a magic wand that by waving that, problems can be solved automatically ... but it is a tool nonetheless ... if someone in India wants to get trained in Mediation, you can contact me on my e-mail address and I in turn will assist you as much as I may be able to from New Zealand to reach the right place in India to get trained. I appreciate the efforts of to help this article reach interested readers.

jyotsna mishra jha, cleveland OH     01/31/06
mediation in India.
I am a LL.M. student at Case western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. I got to read this article when a book on mediation in India was given to me by Associate Dean, Hiram Chodosh. After going through the book it seems that the long cherished dream of clearing the dockets may come true in India.

Anita Shukla, Mumbai Ma     01/09/05
I am LL.M student from Mumbai University. I have a suggestion to make that it would be very good if there is a specialised course of mediation techniques used in mediation which would be very helpful to budding lawyers who want to practice in mediation.

namita  chandra law student, NUJS, kolkata WB     10/20/04
Draft Mediation Rules 2003
The most pertinent question facing the legal community in India with regard to mediation is to provide the much needed operational backing to Section 89(2)(d) CPC . There is also a need to appreciate the significance of the Draft Mediation Rules 2003 as prepared by the Jagannath Rao Commitee after the verdict of the Supreme Court in In re Salem BaR Association Case.

kishor maniar Chartered Accountant , Mumbai     08/05/04
it is very informative , and lucid too can we not co-ordinate with Governement agencies do something so that public at large can take benefit of ADR?

Niranjan Bhatt , Ahmedabad Gu   07/09/03
Court annexed mediation
Thanks for the is agreat mediation massanger.

Rashmi Desai, Baroda Gu     07/09/03
Very interesting, informative and engrossing article. Court annexed or private mediation, most certainly seems to be the answer to the "litigation logged" courts .