Comments: A Wish For The Future

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farzana , jodhpur ra   02/27/07
hello the spelling of Gandhi is mis typed[gandi in the article]

Maggie , New York NY   01/21/03
JP Lederach
Prof. Lederach is brilliant. His concept of peacemaking--providing a human face to the conflict--should be given a chance to work. The commenter above who sent the essay to Pres. Bush had the right idea; unfortunately, I don't believe he can read. I am indebted to the friend who sent this link to me--I didn't know about your organization or web site before this.

Martha Jo , Albany CA   01/07/03
I volunteer to be a grandmother!
I have copied your article and sent it to George Bush, along with my wish to be one of the grandmothers going with him to the Middle East. Two of my grandchildren are Jewish twins, a boy and a girl. They just turned twelve. I would like to take them to Israel, to see first hand this beautiful country with their Jewish eyes, as I saw it with my Christian eyes. I would sell every book in my library, every piece of furniture, even the gold in my teeth to secure the safety of the Israeli and Palestinian people, to go to Iraq and hold the hands of the children there, to walk among the North Korean children with baskets of food! We can do this! I believe it...

Anita  Vestal, Lancaster PA     12/31/02
I have shared John Paul's piece with members of the Peace Committee of the National Peace Corps Association as we struggle to adopt a statement of peace that represents the views of current and returned Peace Corps volunteers all over the world.

John Helie     12/24/02
Happy Holidays
The Staff of is very pleased to pass along such an appropriate message. May peace be a part of your life.

Cookie  , Chesterton, IN   12/23/02
Thanks to Mr. Lederach for his spectacular piece. I just emailed it off to my 19 y/o twin sons. One a Marine and the other you will perhaps vote for, some day. Both have important positions in our lives as representatives of our future. I want them to have a chance to raise my grandchildren to read it. Most times I feel like the inflammantory rhetoric is the guise for some other unsavory project.

Tom , Freehold NJ   12/23/02
A Holiday Wish - an endorsement
As usual, John Paul Lederach shows that there are routes to a future filled with kindness, mutual respect and the difficult and dangerous path of nonviolence and nonkilling.