Comments: Enhancing Mediation Services to the Spanish-Speaking Community:Perceived Needs and Recommendations

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J Levine, Palm Springs Ca   10/18/12
Federico Cohan
I met this young man at a restaurant in Sacramento Ca. as I was passing through for the weekened. What impressed me the most about this gentleman was his spiritual sense of reality. I asked him if he was in favor of our President's views of foreign affairs? His response was direct, I vote for who ever protects the land of Israel, and the well being of all people. He then went on to explain his religious views of how we were all one at one time? He also described how many are influenced by their surroundings. He also talked about the difficulties that many Jewish people have encountered in the world, because of fears. I believe it is difficult to know precisely where ones come from if we have no history of our families. In my recent research anecdotal evidence collected by researchers suggested that nominally Catholic families had stealthily maintained Jewish Customs over the centuries. The whispers of hidden rituals coming from thoroughly Catholic communities were at times met with skepticism. I personally was raised in a non religious home, however as a result I have felt lost in many communities. This young man influenced me to study my last name. I looked him up on Google and I found these comments about him on I can see his words have had great strength in many.

Chulli Hernandez, Sacramento CA   03/02/10
I think this is the same Federico I met outside the cafe on Lst..I thought he was Italain because of his Italian Mofia look from the 40's. He drives a cool car. I looked him up on line and saw his name here if its him? He talked like a political man or teacher or something like that. Well he gave me some advice on where to find a job and a new carreer, If someone has his number that would be great. Thank

Jose , Burbank Ca   10/28/09
Read my comment above! Learn before you talk young latino!

Jose Medina, Burbank Ca   10/28/09
To bad that another Latino would degrade his own!
Wow I got on this site to find out more about bi-lingual mediation! I was sadddened to read a comment posted by one of our own people in degrading another of his people.When one of your own is trying to help another be happy, if he fails in trying at least he tried! Next time think before you write, because I truly believe you were out of line, and as a matter of fact I'm sure you treat your own familia the way you wrote about this Mexicano! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Francisco , Sacramento Ca   02/03/09
Gracias Federico
Thank you Federico! I searched your name after meeting you a few months ago! My children loved the gifts and thank you for the advice! SI SE PUEDE! JALOSTOTITLAN

Jorge  Perez, Sacramento Ca   11/01/08
Keep up the Good work Vato
I met this Federico around town, he's a deep Mexicano with some deep roots...Its firme to meet a vato dressed like a senator who can talk with the best and still talk to his people in the streets..A Future leader por todos..He influenced me to seek studying mediation so I can give advice to the vatos in the streets as a mediator after taking some classes..

Carlos Espinoza, Davis Ca   07/30/08
Federico Cohan
After reading Mr. Gomez's comments about Mr. Cohan I was very dissapointed. I was actually referred to Mr. Cohan one year ago and it was a blessing to have met him. I referred a couple from Colombia to Mr. Cohan to have their divorce resolved. This couple spoke very little English and they both were very intimidated by the court procedures. On many occasions they were turned away by many mediators due to the fact thay they were not capable to of paying their fees. They went to the courts to find a lawyer and they ran into the same situation. Federico Cohan stated to me that he was only doing mediation part time now and that he would only take the case if the couple were low-income. At first I did not realize what he meant, however I had my thoughts answered when the couple told me what he did. Mr. Cohan did not only resolve their case he did not charge them anything. It is a greta honor for me to have met this young man and I wish him the best always.

Paul  , Sacramento CA     01/25/06
Cohen & Associates
I based my comments on facts. I've also noticed that Cohen & Associates mediation service is not listed as a recommended mediation program on the DCA website. Although your "family" origin is impressive you failed to mention any previous "Family Law experience." I'm also failing to see any of your so-called "happy clients" coming to your defense. Your angry reply and self glorification is disheartening to hear coming from a mediator who supposedly works to settle disputes requiring people to put a hold on their anger in order to come to joint resolutions. It is important to point out to readers that the court employs experienced Family Law Counselors who have Master’s Degrees and specialized training in areas pertaining to children and families. Dios Bendice!!!

test , test ts   08/31/05

Federico  Cohen, Sacramento Ca   06/20/05
Paul Gomez
In the mediation field mediators can't always make our clients happy. In reality in any field that we are in their is always going to be that one customer or few customers who are not going to appreciate your service. After reading Paul Gomez's slandering remarks I found him to be very unprofessional and childish. I was actually told about his slander by many people who appreciate my work as a mediator. Mr. Gomez stated that I did not speak spanish which is a false statement. My family is from Guadalajara Mexico and I was raised speaking spanish and I work with the Hispanic community tremendously. I have helped many people in the Hispanic community resolve their issues and they truly appreciate someone that is willing to give out a helping hand! The most beautiful part of my job is helping people that were turned away by many others because they could not afford an attorney or other mediators. It is a blessing to see people thank you when you give out a helping hand and want nothing in return. In response to Mr. Gomez again we can't make everybody happy we all try our best. If you are a mediator you did not learn to much in your studies, always speak to both parties when trying to come to a resolution. I wish you the best and sorry if I did not make your friend happy. GRACIAS!!!!!!!!

Paul Gomez, Sacramento CA     01/04/05
Cohen & Assoc. Mediation Firm
I recommended this so called mediation firm for assistance for a friend and found that they could not speak Spanish as well as they led on and were not a reputable establishment. Be wary of these so called "mediators" without any previous Family Law experience.

Luis , Colo. Spgs CO   12/24/03
Lack of Training for Bilingual/BiCultural mediators
Seeking good solid training in culturally competent mediation for Latino/Hispanic population in the Southwest. Please clarify what the ethical considerations are for the role of a translator in the mediation process. Recently had an issue with a person who offered medical advise during the mediation process and seemed not to be neutral.

Jorge Macias, Sacramento CA     11/27/02
2nd Time Around
After February 2,1848 when Mexico ceded 44% of its territory, i.e. Texas, California, etc. a large Mexican population, by treaty really

Federico Cohan, Sacramento Ca     11/27/02
Cohen & Assoc. Mediation Firm 916-442-5030
Dear Clara Gomez, YES! The Hiapanic poulation is growing everyday. Alot of Hispanic people are being turned away by the litigation process due to the fact of lack of funds. These people can't pay reatainer fees and a three hundred an hour bill. In Sacramento, Cohen & Assoc.Mediation Firm is a bi-lingual mediation firm. We are introducing our firm through out the state as a Spanish speaking mediation firm! Our doors are open to everyone! We are getting many calls everyday from Spanish speaking people thanking us for our services. We have five full time Spanish speaking mediators and we are hoping to add more mediators that are fluent in Spanish! We will be marketing our firm through out the state very soon, and we are also taking cases through out the state right now!It has been unbelievable to see our clients faces when we arrive at their city! These people have said that it is almost impossible, to find an affordable way to resolve their disputes in their city, with someone that can speak their language. Your article was wonderful and true!