Comments: The Wall and 'Supply Side Security'

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sonali , ghaziabad up     10/26/07
mujhe kuch samajh nahin aaya ....i read itt with interest but i didn't get bad luck

Pat , Bend OR   10/23/02
I read the article with interest, as well as the comment from Australia. There are many of us in the US who feel opposed to the way our government presents itself to the world. We don't feel "menacing and arrogant" and would rather resolve these conflicts without resorting to bombs and chemical weapons. Unfortunately, President Bush and his cronies don't seem to care.

Denise , Napperby SA   10/20/02
As a person sitting in South Australia, having just recently experienced the Bali Bombing as it is being called in our local media I was heartened to read your article and to have even one American with a view that is different to the bully boy view I have of America. it may well be that there is an opinion in the US that Australians all approve of the US Govt. retoric, but we do not. thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.