Comments: Reframing: The Essence of Mediation

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thomas , naas   11/29/13
A well written and very interesting article for all mediators,both new and established. Many Thanks from Ireland

Geoff Ball, Palo Alto CA   02/23/10
Uncommon therapy - about Milton Erickson
Any one who has not read Uncommon Therapy by Jay Haley has a total treat ahead of them. It's available on Amazon. It provides lots of Milton Erickson stories - all of them so creative as to be mind shifting in the aggregate.

Ginny    07/29/09
kinda goofy.

rolando    01/16/08
Do you have other articles concerning reframing in relation to mediation adr

alan , Torrington CT     10/01/07
I enjoyed the fact that the genius of Milton Erickson has migrated to the shores of mediation. Alan, RN

emmy , berkeley Ca   09/23/07
Good article
I enjoyed reading your artcle. A wonderful piece of wisdom. emmy irobi

kta    05/07/05
Excellent article describing the process ALL mediators must use if they are to successfully move parties to the satisfaction of their mutual interests.

Rebecca Daniels, Vancouver WA     09/11/04
My presentation
Terrific article and understandably communicated. I was searching for some additional insight for a brief presentation on reframing (to complete the interview process for a teaching position). Thank you, it helped.

Sveta    04/08/04
Well-done. Logical, eloquent, even elegant. Pete, love your style (hairstyle in particular!).

Jerry  Sheets, San Diego CA     12/06/02
Reframing: The Essence of Mediation
Peter ~ Excellent & informative article.

Gauvreau  , Ottawa Ca   10/03/02
Very informative and interesting.