Comments: Time for Another Big Bang in Alternative Dispute Resolution - The World Needs a Global Pound Conference

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Daniel Ndogo, Mesquite Tx   03/26/14
It is an idea worthy pursuing. There are millions of people globally who will benefit by knowing that justice can be achieved through mediation. Let this noble idea take root.

Alessandro Bruni, Rome It     02/07/14
As I have previously said, that's a marvellous idea, and we need it! So, come on and let's start to think how to prepare and share the vision. Consider me into the project! best, Alessandro

Peter Causton, Manchester     02/04/14
Good idea!
Good idea to use modern technology to bring about a change of culture.

Ken , Santa Monica ca     01/29/14
Excellent article and a wonderful idea - thank you, and count me in! Ken

uma  , Chennai ta   01/29/14
It is imperative that a global effort to motivate, take stock of where we are heading. Also complacency has set in and it is time that mediators also got to balance facilitative with insight and actualization. More literature, exchange of experiences and suggestions for growth of mediators and mediation movement is necessary for wholesome mediation and substantial justice dispensation. Success of mediation has to mean more than just an agreement

NandgopalBigger , Bangalore Ka   01/28/14
Having been part of mediation moment in India since 2007, I could not disagree with this suggestion. After an initial spike in referrals in court annexed mediation I detect that there has been a gradual decline due to the reluctance of the judiciary to accept lawful settlements either due to petarnalstic views or due to lack of informed consent of the disputants. The timing of this rethink would be most appropriate and if it were to be in India having the largest backlogs of disputes and the trickle-down effect it has on the population would relive a huge stress.

Kerrie , Adelaide SA   01/28/14
I totally agree with this. I'm new to the mediation and I thought the problems that I had spotted with mediation (e.g the lack of quality control) was because my newness had made me misread the situation. I'm so relieved that I am not imagining things. My only concern is that a conference like this may be dominated by people who can afford to pay, which could privilege certain well payed fields and the most articulate (dare I say competitive?) mediators. I don't believe these things are insurmountable but need to be considered.

John , Edinburgh UK     01/28/14
This is a most helpful suggestion. Something innovative like this conference would stimulate discussion and reflection. Provided it did not proceed with any foregone conclusions or assumptions, and was truly open to all points of view, it could be transformative. I would suggest that limiting it to cross-border disputes is too narrow; the issues arising in connection with national disputes would help inform the debate.