Comments: The Hidden Costs of Workplace Conflict

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Ross Cerny, Los Angeles CA     01/07/14
seeing the costs
Quantifying the costs of conflict to an organization is elusive. Dana presents an effective example of a realistic analysis.

Beth Myers, Boston MA     01/07/14
The ROI Eating Disease of Unresolved Workplace Conflict
Thank you for elaborating on Dr. Dana's work. Curious if, or how, you use this important information to attract clients. I offer a seminar entitled "8 Profit S__cking Elements of Unresolved Workplace Conflict". Title gets a lot of interest, lots of action at workshops, but difficult to turn into meaningful revenue. Alas, traditional organizational models don't hold managers responsible for losses not traditionally carried as line items on a financial report. If it isn't on the P&L or a productivity report, ignorance is bliss tends to rule. HR Execs and CFO's equipped with these powerful calculations are in positions to influence meaningful, positive change in their organizations. Please, tell us more….. Thanks.