Comments: Bringing Oxytocin into the Room

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Don Philbin, San Antonio TX  San Antonio     12/04/13
Great piece!
Ken, You've done it again! Wonderful piece that brings the science forward in a very accessible way. Thanks for all you do to resolve conflict! Best, Don

Mioara , Seabrook TX     12/03/13
Great points! I entirely agree with your findings and exposure. Thus we are not victims of genetics but victims of perception. In other words, most of our personal and cultural problems arise from the fact that our own subconscious behaviors are largely invisible to us. That is to say that while the self-conscious mind is creative, the subconscious mind engages previously recorded (indiscriminately) programs. Unlike self consciousness that is overseen by an entity (you), the subconscious mind is more closely related to a machine, which means there is no conscious entity to control your subconscious programs. Then, does this requiers an impetuous responsibility that each of us needs to have it, regarding education and self-education? Yes, I believe that it is in our power to rewrite our limiting beliefs and, in the process, to take control of our lives. Once fully understood this process, mediation will, certainly, have a different course of solving the conflicts.