Comments: Mediation Marketing

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Rackham Karlsson, Cambridge MA     03/06/14
I am contemplating a series of articles about the mediation process, starting with marketing, through initial contact, intake, and various aspects of mediation proper. Yours was the first article that came up in my search for existing information about that important initial step: educating people about mediation. There is a huge information gap that we will all benefit from addressing together. Thank you for your insights.

Valentino Buoro, Lagos   11/09/13
I have found Randy`s article quite illuminating particularly at this point I am beginning to take the mediation aspect of my practice seriously. Again his definition of Marketing and Sales is unbelievably simple but spectacular. Getting the word out through educating potential users of Mediation is well over 70% of getting the briefsed.This saves the embarrassments and anxiety of a sales pitch