Comments: How Children Cope with High Conflict Divorce: How are they harmed and what can parents do to help them?

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JosephineReyes Accredited Mediator, SydneyAustralia     06/16/13
You have touched the core of Co-parenting
A write up that parents should really take on board as Bob L. have really given insightful action plan and strategies to cope both with their ex, as well as with their child/children. I have been mediating for 28 years and have witness how parents sabotage each other when it comes to their co-parenting roles...without realising the harm and long term effects they do on their children's life and their outlook towards relationships.

Mary , Quebec QC     06/12/13
Children living with High Conflict
Thank you for your insightful article. You highlight some important issues and perhaps mediation can have a positive impact with parent-child relationships too. We need to do more to help children get past this, they seem to be overlooked.

paul , Knoxville Tn   06/12/13
Sure hope you do joint sessions. Parenthood is forever and all the other stuff ,asset reorganization, is temporary. Separate sessions can prolong the problems with the children. I really believe that...