Comments: SYNC, UN-SYNC, RE-SYNC – An Emerging Paradigm for Online Mediation

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Mike , Visalia CA   10/04/13
Jim -Thank you for the thorough, insightful article on incorporating technology tools for successful mediation. The sync, un-sync, re-sync summary is a great way to remember how to weight the parts. Best regards, Mike

David Bogan     06/20/13
Hi Jim, thank you for yet another great insight - took me back to the days when I saw the first fax roll off the machine. The electronic and digital age is certainly upon us, and as you say is great for the pre and post mediation matters, and would just like to add 'texts' to the armory - they are really useful for people who can't get emails on their phones.

Alberto Elisavetsky, Buenos Aires   06/04/13
Jim very good article, I hope I'll see you in Montreal, next week. Alberto Elisavetsky

LRD , Los Angeles     06/03/13
The Scalability of Mediation
Thank you for sharing your insights, sir. Ah, Henry Kissinger, indeed. I think you hit the “knot” of the on-line mediation issue in important ways, with this article. You are reading my mind; the before and the after are musts for completing the model.