Become a Peer Court Volunteer Today!

Interested in Restorative Justice? Our Restorative Peer Court program has a variety of volunteer options.


By day, adult volunteers can help with case development, intake, marketing, RPC club,  assessments, and scheduling.

By night, adult volunteers can assist the Restorative Peer Court staff before, during, and after Peer Court is in session. Become a Respondent Support Person/Exit Interviewer for a direct chance to put RJ practices to work.

To apply, complete our general volunteer application process and brief Adult Volunteer Application which will let us know your areas of interest.


Students are invited to fill-out an Youth Volunteer Application and join the Restorative Peer Court. RPC Club is currently only available at Sheldon High School, but we will be expanding to other schools soon! After learning more about the Peer Court process and Restorative Justice practices, students can volunteer as Paneilists (jury members) or take on RPC leadership roles (i.e. Convener, Facilitator, Scribe, and Mentor). RPC is a great chance for teens to help teens and to get real criminal justice experience.  



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