Typical Peer Court Restorative Guidelines & Sanctions

In order to repair the harms to the victim(s), the community, the offender’s family, and even to the offender, the Peer Court Panelists (Jury) deliberates and then determines the restorative guidelines & sanctions

that are appropriate to the offense and surrounding circumstances. These are called “restorative sanctions,” as they are not intended as punishments or further hardships, but rather as ways for taking positive responsibility through opportunities for making amends, making personal changes, and for greater integration into the community.

Typical Teen Court Sanctions include:

  • Jury duty (2 to 6 sessions)
  • Victim Offender or Community Conferencing
  • Restitution to Victims
  • Hours of Community Service
  • Curfew: weeknights and/or weekends
  • Apology Letter(s) (sent through CDR)
  • Workshops:
    • Alcohol & Drug (DYS)
    • Dangers of Tobacco & Healthy Living
    • Parent-Teen Mediation - Dynamics and Communication
    • Anger Management
  • Victim Impact Panel (for alcohol/driving)
  • Shoplifting Education Program
  • Peer Court Jury Mentor
  • RJ Friend (Adult Mentor)

Other Options Include:

  • Research Project
  • Empathy-Building Reading Assignment
  • Cookies & Careers (Job Skills Seminar)
  • College Tours (career assessment included)
  • Fire Safety & Prevention Class



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