Family & Youth Conflict Resolution Services

Family conflict can be anything from annoying to painful. It is can be very disruptive of your daily life. 

Many times conflict arises through difficult transitions such as divorce or managing the care of an elder relative.


Professionally Trained Mediators are Here to Help  

  • Teens & Parents work out issues
  • Divorcing couples dissolve assets and write parenting plans
  • Families through probate cases
  • Families work out elder care decisions
  • You work out an issue with a significant other
  • You learn new ways to communicate your needs and be heard 
  • Resolve other kinds of domestic relations and home life issues


“Mediation is the first time we’ve been able to talk to each other in a long time.”


 Types of Disputes We Do Not Handle

  • Problems requiring legal assistance, i.e. filing lawsuits, criminal defenses, wills, etc.
  • Problems in which one of the parties refuses to participate willingly.
  • Problems which can't be settled through communication.


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