CDR Volunteer and Confidentiality Agreement


Volunteers/interns may expect CDR to provide:

a. opportunities to train, learn, practice, and teach mediation skills and the practice of mediation;

b. management structure and material support;

c. accessible, valuable human support, including coaching and mentoring;

d. recognition and appreciation for your service to your community;

e. forms and handouts;

f. agency updates, including CDR newsletter;

g. professional literature and bulletin board postings;

h. other_________________________________________________.

Opportunities for volunteers/interns at CDR:

a. Conduct mediation: case development, mediation, post-mediation tracking, etc.

b. Conduct presentations to community groups and formal mediation trainings.

c. Provide mentoring and/or be mentored.

d. Administration. For example:
• Open and close cases and track and record case progress by other mediators.
• Answer phones, prepare mailings, copy/collate documents, etc.
• Provide input for trainings, manuals, procedures, policies, etc.
• Research.

e. Development:
• Outreach: establish relationships with agencies, help with newsletter, etc.
• Fundraising: help with grant writing, letters, flyers, events, etc.

f. Help coordinate any of the above.

g. Serve on committees, including Board of Directors.

h. Generate your own participation.



CDR expects volunteers/interns to:
a. follow CDR's guidelines re.:
• office procedures;
• case development within suggested timelines;
• professional mediation best practices;
• Appropriate personal presentation.

b. commit time to learn and build mediation skills in order to be an effective practitioner;

c. communicate with CDR:
• Ask questions; don't guess.
• Give regular updates on case status.
• Fill out paperwork on cases. And log volunteer time(It's an important part of our quarterly reports to the ODRC, which provides nearly half of CDR's funding.)

d. Tell us about your successes and challenges with clients, other volunteers/interns, staff, paperwork, etc. Walk the talk. Deal directly.

f. provide or sign documents:
• Basic Mediation Training Certificate
• CDR Volunteer and Confidentiality Agreement


Confidentiality Agreement
As a volunteer for the Center for Dialogue and Resolution I understand that any information or conversations that come from or take place within my volunteering agreement are confidential. I agree not to repeat any information regarding CDR's clients to others, except in staffing, briefing or training settings with CDR staff and volunteers. CDR understands that I may have an "obligation to report" in certain cases. I will make this obligation known to the appropriate CDR staff, and if this obligation changes I will update the appropriate CDR staff.

I have read and understand the mutual expectations of volunteers/interns at CDR and the Confidentiality Agreement, and I agree to adhere to them.




Volunteer Date CDR Staff Date


(for volunteer mediators)
[Click here to read: Oregon Mediation Association Standards of Practice]


I have read and understand the Oregon Mediation Association's Standards of Practice and the CDR Mediation Philosophy, and I agree to adhere to them.




Volunteer Date CDR Staff Date




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