Career Section Editorial-February 2001

The field of ADR is rapidly expanding. This is a very
exciting time for anyone considering joining the
ADR ranks. Federal, State, and local governments
are staffing entire departments charged with
resolving conflict. Non-profit and For-profit ADR
organizations are opening on every block.

Internet and e-commerce have also widely
expanded the possibilities for the field. There are
over 500 ADR related websites and this number
increases daily. This growth has created a
tremendous need for qualified and trained

The pay for these positions ranges
depending on the organization. However, the
For-Profit, public sector tends to pay a bit more. The
average salary for a qualified ADR administrator
ranges from 25K to 75K. Full-time ADR
practitioners can make upwards to eight-figures, but
these are a select few. Salaries for all ADR
professionals are increasing with demand.

I am very
optimistic about the future employment
opportunities in our field. An individual who wishes
to enter the ADR field as a practitioner should
consider attending law school and taking an ADR
skills workshop or certification course. However,
many individuals would disagree with me on the law
school requirement.

The best way to get involved is
to take an ADR skills based course and to volunteer
with and ADR affiliated program. This will give you
an academic perspective as well as a practical
hands-on experience.


Troy Morgan

Troy Morgan, Esq. is the former president and founder of Mediator Network, Inc.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University and a Juris Doctorate from Jones School of Law. MORE >

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