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Helping families seeking assistance

With over thirty years of professional experience in the areas of family, mental health, elder, & probate law. Ms. Capra now concentrates her energies in the field of private mediation. She also serves as a legal consultant for clients who are participating in mediation.

Ms. Capra believes that the heart of mediation and dispute resolution starts with looking at her clients' goals. The first step is a face to face conversation (if possible) with them in order to learn about their backgrounds and objectives. She then works with clients to create a path to resolution by identifying necessary information, consultants and other people who will help them make progress. Her overall approach is facilitative in nature and she also employs directive and transformative techniques where beneficial.

On a regular basis Ms. Capra assists couples going through the marital dissolution process, parents wishing to develop effective parenting arrangements, business associates seeking to redefine their goals and operations, families seeking assistance with placement & healthcare arrangements for an elderly or incapacitated family member and people addressing the details of estate planning and end of life care plans for themselves and loved ones.

Ms. Capra meets with clients in person, by telephone and via electronic mail.


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