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Zena Zumeta

Pioneer Series: Evaluative Approach - Video

(10/03/15)Zena Zumeta

Zena Zumeta explains the difficulties she sees with using an evaluative approach. However, she sees how it can be useful in a dispute where there is a power imbalance.

Katherine Graham

Bullying and Harassment – Evidence it Accounts for Sickness Absence

(10/04/14)Katherine Graham

For years, I’ve sought data on how much sickness absence is caused by workplace conflict. I know that conflict makes people go off sick with stress – but how could I prove this?

Donald Lloyd

Conflict Resolution Day is October 16, 2014

(10/01/14)Donald Lloyd

ACR's original intention was for Conflict Resolution Day to be promoted by community centers around the country. The belief is that if the public has a better understanding and awareness of mediation, they will be more likely to hire a mediator. And the more mediators that are hired, the better for all of us!

Patricia Porter

What Happens on the Bus, Shouldn’t Stay on the Bus!

(9/02/14)Patricia Porter

With the start of 2014-2015 school year in full swing, children across the country will be boarding the school bus to arrive before the morning bell sounds. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, school buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school. But how safe is a child from the other children inside of the bus? School bus bullying is becoming a growing concern among parents, school administrations, and bus drivers. According to the U.S. Department of Education 10 percent of school bullying occurs on the school bus. Stopbullying.gov defines bullying as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

Evan Ash

The Paradox of Creativity with Compassion in Mediation

(5/10/14)Evan Ash

Turn the other cheek, give more than is required, respond to the need of another person, all these when you may be faced with pain and loss. Do crazy things like love your enemy, pray for them? The great mystery is the power that comes from the paradoxes of life.

Jeff Thompson

Listening, Empathizing, and Building Negotiation Rapport to Handle Crisis

(12/07/13)Jeff Thompson

For professional negotiators, honing ones skills occurs through the sharing of best practices. Crisis negotiators gain valuable knowledge through every interaction and presentation, and learned that even if the negotiator arrives fully prepared and does everything right, the suspect might still harm himself or others.

Ken Johnson

Behind Bars and Behind the Gun

(11/04/13)Ken Johnson

Behind bars and behind the gun: Answers for America's juvenile justice problem and catabolic ommunity-based conflicts. With a rise of deaths, abuse cases, and other atrocities in the Juvenile Justice System there has been questioning as to whether the present paradigm of understanding is the most appropriate solution available for handling issues of wrong behavior by adolescents. Ultimately, the author urges communities to become more involved in the justice system to urge Collaborative Justice-based solutions in juvenile justice issues.

Jeffrey Krivis

The Argument As A Persuasive Tool In Negotiation

(9/27/13)Jeffrey Krivis

Argument has a significant role in the legal process, particularly in advancing motions and appellate procedure. Whether and to what extent it fits into a negotiation and mediation process is subject to debate.

Nick Redding

Individual Admiration for Dominant Groups

(7/08/13)Nick Redding

Does our admiration for powerful and dominant groups maintain the social hierarchy? This is the question explored in a recent a study. The stud authors describe previous research suggesting that emotions play a key role in the maintenance of relationships between groups, and more specifically, that emotions such as anger and admiration influence whether groups will challenge dominant groups within the social order.

Juliana Birkhoff

Reducing Citizen and Child Mass Shootings in the United States Using the Best Knowledge, Experience, and Practices From Conflict Resolution

(12/20/12)Juliana Birkhoff

Last Friday, mediators joined other citizens in the United States as they sat in shock and cried for the 26 people Adam Lanza killed in Sandy Hook, CT. Over the weekend, mediators hugged their children and friends, posted messages in Facebook, and called their families. On Monday, mediators commuted to work thinking, “What can we do”?

Vivian Scott

Poor Behavior 12: Lack of Openness or Honesty

(5/21/12)Vivian Scott

When people don’t know what’s happening they often get a movie going in their head that helps them explain the situation. The film versions they conjure up are rarely romantic comedies; rather, most resemble horror movies with terrible endings. A lack of honesty or openness at work can put everyone’s mental movie-making skills to the test.

Michael Jacobs

On Beating Bullies

(5/14/12)Michael Jacobs

Tackling bullying may involve a counter-intuitive approach. While naming and shaming may leave us feeling morally superior, it might also produce ever more subtle forms of bullying. This article argues that we need to encourage those of us who feel like kicking butts to ‘come in from the cold’.

Colin Rule

Suing Over an Online Review

(1/30/12)Colin Rule

‘A Dallas law firm has filed a lawsuit seeking to learn the identity of a commenter calling himself “Ben” who posted a bad online review. The Lenahan Law Firm claims defamation and seeks $50,000 in damages, Texas Lawyer reports. Partner Wes Black says the suit will allow the law firm to subpoena Google to learn the commenter’s identity.

Peter T. Coleman

Dismantling Systems of Bullying

(11/28/11)Peter T. Coleman

Bullying is a public health problem that affects 20% to 30% of students on a daily basis and is associated with depression, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse and a decreased sense of empathy for others. It is also a common problem in other adult workplaces.

The Power of Language and Its Impacts

(6/19/11)Clive Johnson, Jackie Keddy

Simply uttering a single word (and sometimes by not saying anything at all) or just presenting a certain look can send a strong message, whether or not the sender’s intention has been interpreted correctly.

Communication Styles and Manager Choices

(5/02/11)Clive Johnson, Jackie Keddy

Managers, as much as anyone else, can choose from a variety of ways for communicating with another individual.

Lorraine Segal

Bullying Can Cause Lasting Injury But There Is Hope

(12/13/10)Lorraine Segal

According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, brain scans of teens who have been repeatedly bullied revealed the same changes as those who have been physically or sexually abused. In some individuals, the negative changes persisted years later.

John Crawley

Mishandling Bullying And Harassment Will Hijack The Diversity And Inclusion Agenda

(9/13/10)John Crawley

A crisis is brewing as two reports predict a potential surge in bullying and harassment grievances at work, and a lack of confidence in the ability of management (particularly in the public sector) to handle bullying and harassment, conflict and relationship issues[1]. Bad practice on bullying and harassment and relationship issues will undermine employees’ and customers’ confidence in diversity and inclusion initiatives[2]. The cost of mishandling these will also divert time and money away from building relationships and engagement through diverse workforces.

Jeff Thompson

Bullying Responses

(8/23/10)Jeff Thompson

A new book by an Australian expert on bullying in schools has set out six methods used by teachers to tackle this scourge of the playground.

Alan Sharland

What Is A Bully?

(8/09/10)Alan Sharland

How a commonly used word is often not explored to clarify what is meant when someone uses it - and how that lack of clarity can lead to powerlessness.

Tim Kingsbury

Is It Time To Stop ‘Bullying’?

(7/12/10)Tim Kingsbury

I’ve been thinking for a while that the term ‘bullying’ may be becoming less and less useful. We all know it goes on around us, we all know people who have been damaged by it, and the scale of workplace bullying is worrying. To give just one indication of scale, at a recent conference[1] Gill Dix of ACAS said that the ACAS Helpline receives 74,000 calls annually about bullying and harassment.

Albie Davis

Albie Davis: Mediating With Bullies - Video

(10/11/09)Albie Davis

Albie Davis explains that she is okay with mediating with bullies and describes different types of bullies.

Clarence Cramer

Clarence Cramer: Courts and Domestic Violence - Video

(4/12/09)Clarence Cramer

Clarence Cramer discusses when a court should get involved in a case that involves domestic violence.

Bill Eddy

Yes, No or I'll Think About It

(11/24/08)Bill Eddy

Whether in a divorce, a workplace dispute, or a conflict with a neighbor, it’s easy to get caught up in defending our own behavior and point of view. This is especially true when we are dealing with a high conflict person.

Victoria Pynchon

"B" is for Bully Update: Mom Indicted for MySpace Bullying Leading to Teen's Suicide

(5/19/08)Victoria Pynchon

I've blogged several times about bullying, both here and over at the IP ADR Blog.  We learned from Forbes.com today that federal prosecutors are seeking an indictment against the mom we wrote about here for her alleged role in an online hoax that caused a 13-year old girl to commit suicide.  Here's the link with an excerpt below:  Indictment sought in MySpace cyberbullying case.LOS ANGELES - Federal prosecutors are seeking an indictment against a Missouri mother for her...

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