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Project Civil Discourse

The Arizona chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (AACR) is a partner of Project Civil Discourse (PCD).  

Project Civil Discourse is a special initiative of the Arizona Humanities Council working in collaboration with individuals and organizations around the state to provide training, forums and special events that demonstrate, model and provide insight on collaborative problem-solving skills.  Our goal is to widely share proven skills that can enhance and improve debate and dialogue about important issues that affect our future. 

AACR is one of the partners of the Project and you can learn more about both at the following websites:

Project Civil Discourse:   www.projectcivildiscourse.com

AZ chapter of ACR:  www.acrnet.org  and click on Arizona chapter

I have acted as Conference Coordinator for two half-day conference in collaboration with the Arizona Town Hall and other PCD partners (2008 and 2009.) Local city and state officials, government agency staff, professionals, educators, public and community leaders, city planning commission and business leaders participated.

Currently, Project Civil Discourse is promoting a series of public dialogues on such issues as the recent sales tax referendum, healthcare, and immigration.



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