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Each gathering will feature a live interview with the author by a different host, followed by comments, questions, and discussion from an audience of experienced mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators. These book club gatherings are open to anyone, but we do ask that you pre-register in advance.

August 25th, 2022 10am-11am PST

Angels and Earthworms: an unexpected journey to love, joy, and miracles

by Lorraine Segal interviewed by Alesia Grace Thompson

Angels and Earthworms, An Unexpected Journey to Joy, Love, and Miracles, is a memoir about a smart, funny, fierce Jewish girl from Southern California who accidentally yet actively participates in most of the major cultural movements of the late 20th and early 21st centuries including the Berkeley peace movement, radical feminism, gay rights, and the AIDS crisis as well as lesbian ballroom dancing, recovering from addiction, finding the Goddess and a spiritual path, and surviving mobbing in academia. She tells about her experiences moving from the cramped confinement of her 1950’s childhood all the way to the rich, layered life of a happily married lesbian and conflict transformation expert in Sonoma County.

Lorraine Segal is a communication and conflict management coach, consultant and educator.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

10am-11am PTD

Transformational Culture: Develop a People-Centred Organization for Improved Performance with David Liddle

Company culture is the foundation of business success. Strong culture drives an average of four times more revenue growth, 12% more productivity and half the employee turnover rate.

Driven by global health, economic and environmental emergencies and rising social justice and employee activism, organizations are urgently seeking a new cultural model which will enable them to thrive. Transformational Culture provides a blueprint for a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high performing organization. With a foreword from Dave Ulrich and expert analysis of the benefits of a people-focused and values lead organization, it provides 8 transformational enablers to deliver individual, team and business success. Guidance is also included on how to tackle toxic cultures and behaviours, how to shift the dial from retributive to restorative justice, and how to develop humane and human HR and management systems.

The book offers practical guidance for HR professionals and business leaders on how to redefine their culture and to embed a unique, practical framework to assist with the resolution of concerns, complaints, and conflicts at work. Tried and tested toolkits and templates plus case studies from organizations who have successfully implemented this approach including London Ambulance Service, Aviva, The FT and British Retail Consortium are contained within Transformational Culture making this an invaluable guide for anyone wishing to put their people and their values first.

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