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John Lande

More COVID PIEs and the Alice-in-Wonderland Supreme Court Decision Endangering Workers

(1/20/22)John Lande

This is a sequel to the post last week, My Covid Perceived Injurious Experiences (PIE). This is one author articulating their concerns and their approach to resolving a personal conflict with their COVID experience. While Mediate.com does not take a stance on the pandemic, we encourage authors to write in with their approach to resolving interpersonal pandemic conflicts.

Milan Slama

A Conversation with People who Don't Want to be Vaccinated

(1/20/22)Milan Slama

Our country, and the world in general, is divided. This article gives an example of how to have a conversation with someone who has a different approach to the pandemic than you.

Charlie Young

India’s Mediation Act, 2021

(1/20/22)Charlie Young

India passed its ground breaking Mediation Act, 2021 on December 15, 2021.

John Lande

My COVID Perceived Injurious Experiences

(1/17/22)John Lande

This article details a mediator's experience with COVID, and vocalizing feelings of anger and perceived conflict.

Randa M. Trapp

Why Ethics Matter in Mediation

(1/17/22)Randa M. Trapp

Is the legal profession in fact a noble profession?

Ron Ravikoff

A Q&A Session With Ron Ravikoff on Health Systems and the Benefits of ADR

(1/17/22)Ron Ravikoff

Ronald Ravikoff, Esq., has been a JAMS neutral since 2012 and has been on the American Healthcare Lawyers Association panel of neutrals since 2014. We spoke with Ron Ravikoff about his extensive experience in health care mediation and arbitration and the advantages alternate dispute resolution (ADR) brings to the health care industry at large.

Denise French

Ending a Marriage? Don't Get Divorced from Financial Reality in the Process

(1/17/22)Denise French

Sound financial planning may be the last thing on your mind when divorcing but it may never be more valuable.

Dr. Lynne C. Halem

Document Your Wishes: Divorce & Changing Life Insurance Beneficiaries

(1/17/22)Dr. Lynne C. Halem

A surprising outcome that is noteworthy for Divorcing (or Divorced) Couples seeking to use Life Insurance Proceeds to assist their exes and or children.

Bob Bordone

How Does a Mediator Help Families Resolve Conflict? - Video

(1/07/22)Bob Bordone

Is your family or someone you know going through a rough patch and wondering when might it be necessary to bring in a mediator? Watch this video if you'd like to know how a mediator helps families resolve conflicts and what the qualities of a good mediator are.

Roseann Vanella

Why is the Pandemic Causing a Spike in Divorce?

(1/07/22)Roseann Vanella

At the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak, many experts predicted a sharp increase in divorce rates. This has played out a bit differently than expected.

Phyllis Pollack

How To Have a Successful Mediation!

(1/07/22)Phyllis Pollack

The last mediation I conducted in 2021 did not result in a resolution.

Susan Yates

Eviction Mediation Q&A w/ Christina Wright

(1/07/22)Susan Yates

This article is part of a series of perspectives on eviction mediation program development that is being supported by the American Arbitration Association-International Centre for Dispute Resolution Foundation.

John Lande

Using Stone Soup

(1/07/22)John Lande

Out of the blue, I got an email from Peter Phillips saying, “John, just a note to report how much fun Stone Soup is.

John Lande

Wanted: Public Officials with Emotional Intelligence

(1/04/22)John Lande

It was front-page news in the New York Times that NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams said that emotional intelligence is his “No. 1 criteria” for selecting top officials in his administration.

Dan Simon

Transformative Mediation Described Accurately in New Book

(1/04/22)Dan Simon

Tara West has studied all of the approaches to mediation.

Amanda Rumsey

Conflict Resolution and Religion

(1/01/22)Amanda Rumsey

This article discusses the power of respectful communication and appreciation of different values for working through value-based conflicts. Understanding other people’s personal journeys, which led them to make their religious decisions, can resolve conflict by exposing shared interests.

Bob Bordone

How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation - Video

(12/27/21)Bob Bordone

Have you been wanting to up-level your negotiation skills and wondering how to control your emotions during a difficult conversation so you can get what you want?

Lorraine Segal

Interviewer or Volunteer? The best mix for difficult conversations

(12/27/21)Lorraine Segal

Are you naturally an interviewer or a volunteer in difficult conversations? A discussion on conflict and conversation styles.

Cinnie Noble

Conflict Resolutions for 2022

(12/27/21)Cinnie Noble

These are my resolutions for 2022--some recycled that I'm still working on.

Martin Rosenfeld

Being Nice Helps

(12/27/21)Martin Rosenfeld

This brief article looks at the need to engender good will in a contested divorce.

Phyllis Pollack

Further Reflections on the last 525,600 minutes (x 2)!

(12/20/21)Phyllis Pollack

What has the last 21 months taught me?

Eric Slepak

Eviction Mediation Updates, December 2021

(12/20/21)Eric Slepak

As the state of eviction mediation continues to evolve, we wanted to share some notable developments from across the country.

Abby Silverman

“Hearing” the Other Side in Employment Mediations

(12/20/21)Abby Silverman

Abby Silverman and Cyrus Dugger offer their thoughts on various topics related to employment mediation, including negotiation strategies, tax considerations and goodwill gestures.

Michael Lewis

[PODCAST] The Divided Community Project’s Commitment to Community Change Through Dispute Resolution

(12/20/21)Michael Lewis

A podcast from JAMS featuring neutral Michael Lewis and Carl Smallwood and Nancy Rogers of the Divided Community Project (DCP) on the project’s goal of using dispute resolution tools to positively impact and empower communities across the nation.

Roseann Vanella

How to Get Through The Holiday Season if You Are Getting Divorced?

(12/16/21)Roseann Vanella

When you are getting divorced or separated, a torrent of mixed emotions, such as anger, relief, and worry are likely to overwhelm you.

Phyllis Pollack

How To Have an Unsuccessful Mediation

(12/11/21)Phyllis Pollack

Recently, I conducted a mediation which from the moment I introduced myself, I knew it would not settle. These signs gave it away.

Shirish Gupta

The Top Five Issues in Startup Co-Founder Separations

(12/11/21)Shirish Gupta

Perspectives from JAMS neutral Shirish Gupta and JAMS Diversity Fellow Genesis Fisher on navigating co-founder separation disputes.

Merrill Hirsh

A Chance to Become a Special Master

(12/11/21)Merrill Hirsh

What makes you a special master?

Dan Simon

Transformative Family Dialogue During the Pandemic – A Story from a Mediation Center in the Czech Republic

(12/11/21)Dan Simon

Ben Coltrin

To Mediate or Not to Mediate Your Child Custody Case

(12/09/21)Ben Coltrin

There are many benefits of using mediation in your child custody case. Mediation gives you the final say over the type of custody you get and the other terms of your parenting plan.

Karen Brown Willcutts

Essential Tips for a Successful Oil and Gas Mediation

(12/06/21)Karen Brown Willcutts

As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, oil and gas companies will no doubt see new types of claims asserted against them.

Roseann Vanella

4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Divorce Mediation Process

(12/06/21)Roseann Vanella

Divorce mediation has great advantages over the aggressive and unpredictable process of divorce litigation.

Bob Bordone

Video: When Might It Be Necessary to Bring In a Mediator?

(12/03/21)Bob Bordone

Have you wondered, when might it be necessary to bring in a mediator or, how does a mediator help families resolve conflicts?

Kate Sheppard

The Challenges Women Face at Work and How Mediation Can Help

(12/03/21)Kate Sheppard

In this article, we will be discussing the challenges women face at work and how mediation can help.

Sharon Kendrick-Johnson

Self-Determination in the Skilled Mediator

(11/30/21)Sharon Kendrick-Johnson

A mediator can enable the disputants’ exercise of their own self-determination, lessening the chances of the mediator exercising her/his own. 

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