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Lisa Taylor

I became an attorney in 1988, graduating from the University of Michigan School of Law. In 1999, I experienced my own divorce and the emotional turmoil it created for my children and for me. That year, I took the training to become a civil mediator. However, I mediated only a few cases, because I became more heavily involved in litigation. Although I was successful, I did not feel fulfilled. Regardless of the number of “wins”, I realized that litigating is really “lose-lose” for everyone because of the costs in time, money, stress, and increased hostility. I stopped litigating to mediate full time. My clients usually leave each session smiling -- a result I did not see when litigating! Regarding my education, I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan as well as my law degree. I trained as a mediator through the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and the Oakland Mediation Center, and completed the ICLE's family law Certificate program. I act as a training coach for the Oakland Mediation Center's mediator training program and provide volunteer mediation services there and with the Wayne County Friend of the Court.