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Joshua A. Berkowitz

Josh Berkowitz is a first time columnist for He has been practicing as a mediator in numerous contexts since 2000, and draws on more than seven years of experience working with organizations and business leaders in the dispute resolution and communication fields. He works closely with Robert Dobbins to build the type of practice that can be a magnet for the industry. Josh has helped to maintain a steadily growing client base through successful marketing and networking strategies at Appropriate Dispute Resolution. While simultaneously pursuing his JD at Emory and his Master of Dispute Resolution at the Straus Institute at Pepperdine, Josh worked extensively with panelists at Henning Mediation in Atlanta, “mediating among mediators”; with the Business Managers to deal with important issues like the viability of on-line mediation; and with community mediation leaders to address statewide court-annexed mediation rule changes. He also handled civil rights cases for the California Attorney General’s Office prior to his early renaissance in the ADR field. Josh presently resides in a small artsy beachside community in the quickly becoming all too popular OC.